Welcome to the CICC Discovery Tool™

All parents want their children to grow as healthy and happy as possible.

All people who work with children and families share this goal.

And so does The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC).

For over 30 years, CICC has been helping parents and other child caring people to be the best caregivers they can.

The CICC Discovery Tool™ provides a simple way to keep current on how a young child under five years of age is growing.

These early years are crucial. What is learned during these years sets the stage for all other important things in life. If there are problems - special needs - these must be taken care of fast. If not, a child's future may be limited.

The CICC Discovery Tool™ lets you know whether there might be problems.

It also lets you know where to turn to take care of the problems.

It also explains what a "special need" is.

It further educates about how best to cope with children who have special needs and whose behavior is hard to handle.


All of this begins by being asked questions about a child's skills, behavior and background. The questions, which should be answered by someone who knows the child well, are about how:

  • A child moves his or her body

  • Uses his or her senses

  • Talks and gets along with others

  • Uses language

  • Learns and thinks

  • Takes care of him or herself

There are different sets of questions for children of different ages, starting with questions about newborns to three months of age, up to questions about children four years of age. The questions about the growth of newborns to three months of age only have to do with family background conditions, as their growth is not yet ready to be looked at in detail.

After answering the questions, Results Pages show how the child is doing compared to children the same age. These pages give a profile, or picture, of the child's growth. This profile can be printed and shared with family members, friends, doctors and teachers.

Then, the Tool connects you to the people and places that can help, as well as connecting you to parenting programs and books and videos.

By using the Tool, which takes about ten minutes, and costs a few dollars, you can get a 10% discount on those books and videos.

To use the Tool you must know the child's date of birth.

CICC will not share any of the information that is given about a child or about the person who answers the questions.

What is learned from using the Tool can change any child's life for the better!

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